Art is Business Award

The Art is Business Award recognizes responsible businesses and patrons who engage with artists and projects in an open and inclusive spirit, make informed choices, and work together to create strategic concepts for the common good.

Of course, good collaboration requires defining creators and responsive companies, corporate executives and patron-minded professionals. That is why it is important for companies that are already involved in this and apply the respective methods to set an example and be recognized.

The niche award in Hungary was created with the explicit purpose of image-transformation and value-creation, underpinning the idea of for-profit support for culture and its integration into company branding processes, as well as fostering businesses’ commitment to culture.

The prize is announced and awarded each year by kortársPRos Ltd., the publisher of Art is Business magazine.


Our summary of the award ceremony


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Fidelio "Művészek a művészekért" különdíj - Radnóti Zsuzsa

Nagyvállalati kategória - B. Braun Magyarország

Kis- és középvállalkozás kategória - Vylyan Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet

Mecénás kategória - Egri Orsolya