Who are we?

Art is Business is a platform for the corporate, private and arts scene to meet, share knowledge and create new cooperations. This is made possible through channels such as the Art is Business print and online media, the Connections events, the Art is Business Awards, corporate and art trainings as well as the Art is Business community and its Circle of Friends.

Our aims:

  1. Value-based knowledge sharing through which the corporate sector can learn about the benefit of artistic collaborations
  2. Promoting a business-drive approach among the stakeholders on the arts scene.
  3. Creating practical solutions for long-term cooperation.

Social Enterprise in the Arts

Art is Business Youth

Art is Business Youth is an educational and inspirational programme for young generations to highlight the importance of art for future managers.

Art is Business Learning

The Art is Business educational program aims to raise awareness of different aspects of the art-and-business world through practical implementations.

Companies for the Arts Fund

Art is Business’ civil fund for companies to provide business-oriented arts funding through grants.

Art is Business Awards

The Art is Business Awards is our annual event celebrating the commitment of corporate and private patrons and representatives of art and tourism to artistic collaborations.

Art is Business Connections

Art is Business Connections is a series of networking events to share knowledge and best practices based on current events and common themes with the help of experts.

Art is Business Media

AIB publishes a print magazine and runs an online media portal featuring inspiring national and international business, arts and education professionals and showcasing best practices. The main target audience of the print magazine are corporate and cultural managers and those who can bring about change in the field of corporate and cultural funding in their country.

Art and Events: art and corporate events 

Art is Business is a service for companies; from art consultancy to classic agency and project management.

Among others:

  • ESG strategy development with a focus on social issues
  • developing strategies for arts sponsorship and support
  • organisation of artistic programmes for events
  • cultural press and PR, media buying
  • management of corporate sponsorship funds
  • building corporate collections

Art is Business for Companies

Art is Business offers a range of services for companies from art consultancy to classic agency and project management services, including:

  • Organising corporate art trainings
  • Organising art programmes for events
  • Cultural press and PR services, media buying
  • Managing corporate partnership funds
  • Building corporate collections
  • Creating artistic sponsorship and funding strategies

Art is Business for Culture

Art is Business for Culture is the AiB service pillar for the art market, including:

  • Developing and implementing art-and-business strategies
  • Networking and establishing circles of friends
  • Developing sponsorship projects
  • Organising networking events
  • Creating service packages

Art is Business in the domestic and international business communities

  • Member of the international Art and Business Network from 2020
  • 2021 - Bridge Budapest “Active Community Award”
  • Official partner organisation of the National Association of Managers from 2022
  • From 2023 - Member of the Hungarian Public Relations Association and founder of the Cultural PR section.