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Marina Abramović partners with WeTransfer in a year-long project

“We hope that many will feel inspired by Abramović’s legacy and appreciate the power of technology and digital design in creating new art experiences.”

An “exploration of being present in both time and space, in a year when reconnecting with ourselves has never been more important.” – said Marina Abramović about her mindfulness method.

Marina Abramović, the influential performance artist – who has been shaping this art genre – is partnering with WeTransfer, the popular file-sharing platform. The collaboration helps people spend some reasonable and relaxing time waiting for their files to upload, as Marina will be teaching them her mindfulness method. In addition, Abramović is the first artist to curate WePresent’s Guest Curator Series by picking five emerging performance artists from all around the world, whose work will be presented on the website. We will be able to find them next to the file upload window, and by clicking, we will find information on the artworks and their artists. Holly Fraser, the editor-in-chief of WePresent, said – “Our new Guest Curator Series continues WePresent’s digital patronage, as we ask established artists in their field to spotlight emerging talent.” 

WePresent x Marina Abramović - Guest Curator Series

Fraser added – “We believe this is vital in a world where the arts need support following an unprecedented, challenging period, especially emerging artists around the world.” 

We hope that many will feel inspired by Abramović’s legacy and appreciate the power of technology and digital design in creating new art experiences.”      

WeTransfer and its magazine-like editorial arm, WePresent, is collaborating with the performance artist for a whole year, starting with the Guest Curator Series and including different online programs. The collaboration includes the mindfulness method – which comes this summer – and a “Time Capsule ''– launching in September – containing various aspects of life influencing her work. Through these projects, people can learn more about performance art and its role and importance in our everyday lives.  

According to a press release, the Abramović Method – Marina’s brand for participatory mediation – will reach “70 million people worldwide” in this digital form. Marina said she hopes people will thank WeTransfer for this opportunity and practice her method. 

About the mindfulness method, it is written on their website that “The Abramović Method developed over decades of research on performance and immaterial art. Created by Marina Abramivić, the method is an exploration of being present in both time and space. It incorporates exercises that focus on breath, motion, stillness, and concentration. The audience plays a central role in this section of the exhibition.” 

Abramović joins a remarkable group of artists with this collaboration. WeTransfer has worked with over 1000 creatives from more than 100 countries to date, such as Tyler Mithcell, Björk, or Solange Knowles.

Marina Abramović


Cover Photo: WePresent Guest Curator Series by Marina Abramović